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We are supply :

  • AFS (Acetone formaldehyde sulfonate)
  • SNS Sodium naphthalene sulphonate
  • TIBP Triisobutyl phosphate
  • Calcium Formate
  • Xanthan Gum
  • TIPA Triisopropanolamine 85 Percent
  • DEIPA 85% Diethanol Isopropanolamine Solution
  • Glacial Acrylic Acid
  • Sodium Gluconate
  • 19% Tin stabilizer

A Well-Established Firm

Establishing any business as a successful one in the competitive market is not as easy as it appears. It takes innovative ideas, quality commitment, hard work, a customer-focused approach and many more things to make a venture trustworthy in the market. Today, it gives us immense pleasure to state that we have been successful in making our enterprise as the first name to strike customers minds who are looking for products like
Acetone Formaldehyde Sulfonate, 8.5% Tin Stabilizer, Calcium Lignosulphonates, White Calcium Formate Powder, etc.

Strong Supply Chain Management

In order to deliver our array to different parts of the world in a timely manner, we have established strong supply chain management. As a result of the mentioned management, we are capable to ship products on time at customers doorstep that too in a safe manner.

Our Success Mantras

The following are the factors that have contributed to our companys enormous success and expansion:

  • We never ignore industry standards and always adhere to special instructions given by customers at the time of placing orders.
  • All of our products, such as 8.5% Tin Stabilizer, Acetone Formaldehyde Sulfonate, White Calcium Formate Powder, Calcium Lignosulphonates and others, come with a quality guarantee.
  • We value our clients and treat them with total honesty and integrity while adhering to the professional ethics that are predefined for our domain.

No Fake Claims

Our track record demonstrates that we have never made a false promise about our products, policies, or working style. Our clients refer to us as a trustworthy firm because we do what we say. We recognize that making a promise or claim in front of customers and then failing to deliver on that promise or claim will harm our trustworthy market image, so we do not do so.

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