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Manufacturing SNF (Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate) and AFS Powder ( Acetone Formaldehyde Sulfonate), TIBP, TIPA, DEIPA, Calcium formate etc.

About Us

About Us

Shandong YiYi chemical Co. Ltd was started in 2015, with construction chemicals as main business. Our self-made products are SNF (sodium naphthalene sulfonate) and AFS powder( Acetone Formaldehyde Sulfonate), we also strong in Sodium Gluconate, TIBP, TIPA, DEIPA, Calcium Formate etc. As our AFS is mainly used in oilwell cementing sectors, we also developed a full range of oilwell chemicals. Morever, we are the agent of 2nd largest lignin producer- DOMSJO in Sweden for China market, and other imported products are the most common. We as a manufacturer and supplier serve clients from all over the world with our high-end, top-quality products such as White Calcium Formate Powder, Acetone Formaldehyde Sulfonate, Calcium Lignosulphonates, 8.5% Tin Stabilizer, etc. We are the exclusive agent for Domsjo Sweden's sodium lignosulphonate in China, has been importing 100 thousand tons and always are a GOOD payer. We are manufacturer of AFS (Acetone formaldehyde sulfonate) in China, and we have been supplying to Fosroc, BASF, Sika, GCP, Dystar, Sinopec etc.

We are aware of the regulations of all those countries where we are supplying our products and we strictly adhere to them while carrying out our operations. Customers have always returned satisfied from our podium and this record of excellence sets us apart from our competitors and constitutes the strongest USP of our company.

Give us a chance to serve you will not regret joining hands with us.

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Our track record demonstrates that we have never made a false promise about our products, policies, or working style.
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